Microsoft 365 – July 2021 Roadmap Pitstop

July 2021 brought some great new offerings: SharePoint news boost, collapsible page sections, edit pages and news articles in Teams, custom list templates, suggested attachments in Planner, SharePoint Server Subscription Edition (preview), 'post on-behalf' in Yammer, and more.

Microsoft 365 – June 2021 Roadmap Pitstop

June 2021 brought some great new offerings: SharePoint Auto News Digest updates, SharePoint admin center updates (dashboard and new site information columns), Microsoft Lists - @mentions in comments, Power Apps can now display images from Microsoft Lists, Delete from within page details, Headspace mindfulness content comes to Microsoft Viva Insights, and more.

Microsoft 365 – May 2021 Roadmap Pitstop

May 2021 brought some great new offerings: Yammer conversation highlights, Immersive Reader for SharePoint documents, content migration from Dropbox and Google Workspace into Microsoft 365, Microsoft Lists: Export to CSV, Microsoft Lists: Updated sharing experience, Microsoft Lists: Turn comments on/off, and more

Microsoft 365 – April 2021 Roadmap Pitstop

April 2021 brought some great new offerings: Immersive Reader: SharePoint pages and news posts, Events Web Part: Audience Targeting, SharePoint site templates, Microsoft Lists for iOS: iPad support, Manage Microsoft Lists for iOS using InTune APP, Microsoft Lists: Visualize date with Power BI, OneDrive sync 64-bit for Windows, and more

Microsoft 365 – March 2021 Roadmap Pitstop

March 2021 brought some great new offerings: Microsoft Viva Connections, SharePoint app bar, Focus mode for SharePoint pages and news, images in SharePoint Events web part, SharePoint page analytics, Integrate menu for Microsoft Lists, Graph-based people picker for Person columns, Box migration into Microsoft 365, guest access in Yammer, and more

Microsoft 365 – February 2021 Roadmap Pitstop

February 2021 brought some great new offerings: Microsoft Viva Topics (GA), SharePoint web part toolbox updates, Lightbox for images, Quick Links web part audience targeting, SharePoint portal launcher scheduler, Microsoft Lists: Number column updates, Managed Metadata column, Microsoft Search in classic SharePoint sites, and more.

Microsoft 365 – January 2021 Roadmap Pitstop

January 2021 brought many new features: Yammer notifications in Teams, inclusive Yammer reactions, OneDrive settings in SharePoint admin center, 250GB file uploads, Microsoft Lists app for iOS, Lists rules, Lists forms customization, task publishing, and more.

Microsoft 365 – December 2020 Roadmap Pitstop

December 2020 brought many new features: SharePoint site header updates, send pages to Yammer, “SharePoint Success” site template, add Microsoft Teams to SharePoint team sites update (aka, Teamify), Microsoft Lists adoption center, Microsoft Graph Toolkit v2.0, and more.

Microsoft 365 – November 2020 Roadmap Pitstop

November 2020 brought many new features: Microsoft 365 SharePoint site performance page, Lists undo and redo, at-a-glance and key points in sharing emails, an updated SharePoint tab app in Teams, new Microsoft Graph connectors, and more.

Microsoft 365 – October 2020 Roadmap Pitstop

October 2020 brought many new features: SharePoint Syntex, Organization Chart web part, new IT controls for Microsoft Lists, Microsoft Lists – commenting, OneDrive widget for iPhone, Task in Teams GA, and more.


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