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Microsoft are rolling out new features and changes to the Microsoft 365 services frequently.


Microsoft 365: Microsoft Feed

Microsoft Feed provides users with a mix of relevant content from across Microsoft 365 that helps users discover and learn about people and interests relevant at work. The feed is personal to users and will show users content based on what's likely to be most relevant to the current user at any given time.


Planner integration with Microsoft Viva Goals is here!

It's time to connect your Viva Goals projects and key results to Microsoft Planner. This allows you to view your team tasks and update the relevant Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) in Viva Goals. As you update and complete your day-to-day plans and tasks in Planner, everything gets update and helps show progress in Viva Goals automatically.

Microsoft Lists

Microsoft Lists: Calendar Week Layout

While creating a calendar view, users can now choose between month layout or new week layout to visualize their list information in a way that works best for them. There is a provision to create multiple calendar views - using both month and week layouts.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams @Everyone

Like how users mention individuals in chat, users will now have the option for “Everyone” within their options for mentions. After typing @, users will see the same people results they see today, but a new option, “Everyone” will be available. By selecting Everyone and sending the message, a notification will be sent to all users in the group chat based on their selected notification settings. Users can adjust how they are notified within their Teams notification settings.