Staff Directory

Visual staff directory is great solution for every organisation to create social workplace and enable employees to connect with each other better. The rich card display user’s basic information and it is linked to their profile in Delve for full details.

Finding co-worker is the common and important task in most organisation. Therefore, our staff directory enable staff to search colleagues quickly and easily, using the first name, last name or any other word contain in their rich card. Furthermore, it allows user to search co-workers using wild card such as ‘dan*’ or ‘*tharine’. The search results can be refined further through a various filter such as department, job roles, skills or any other relevant filter.

Our staff directory has powerful and easily configurable properties for administrator to set the refiners, paging and much more. Call us now to find out more.


  • Easy to use
  • Beautiful design and fit seamlessly into Office 365 modern design
  • Various filters to narrow down the searches
  • Comprehensive solution for modern SharePoint based digital workspace or intranet
  • Easily configurable properties for administrators
  • Continuous Software Assurance

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Most amazing staff directory with powerful configurable settings.